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Olympic Air to Mytilini airport (MJT)

Aegean Airlines to Mytilini airport (MJT)

Sky-Express to Mytilini airport (MJT)

NEL Lines Ferries to Mytilini harbour (LES)

Hellenic Seaways Ferries to Mytilini harbour (LES)

Blue Star Ferries to Sigri harbour (SIG)

Anek Lines Ferries to Mytilini harbour (LES)

Sigri ... with its Turkish Castle and its own harbour

Sigri is located in the west part of the island, 93 kms from Mytilini. The name of Sigri comes from the Latin word 'securo' which means safe harbour.

On first impressions, one may wonder what the small fishing village of Sigri has to offer even the occasional tourist ... but scratch the surface and you will find a wealth of offerings. Located on the South West tip of the island, just 26km from Skala Eressos, Sigri is home to a number of natural phenomenon and monuments which should not be missed.

The village itself is built on a jutting peninsular of land with the sea on both sides. Coming into the village, you will first see the little harbour with it's colourful fishing boats.

Many locals fish here and the restaurants all serve the fresh catch of the day along with various other delicacies such as the local 'Horta' a spinach like vegetable found locally in the mountains. The main square is a raised stone platia with a view over the bay and fishing harbour. Here you will find bars and restaurants to suit all tastes.

Further up and to the rear of the village you will find other restaurants, a traditional Soulvaki (Greek kebab shop) supermarket and post office.  Sigri has many small cobbled and paved streets and is a joy to wonder around. It is a small haven and barely touched by tourism, definitely a place to enjoy peace and quiet.

Sigri Castle was built by the Turks in 1757 in order to protect the port of Sigri (back then the most important port for the transportation trade) from piracy. Throughout the Turkish occupation the castle constituted a central site of the country town, around which the settlement developed in the area protected by the castle.

It is of small dimensions, square-like in its ground plan with square towers in its four corners. The central gate in the east closed with a double door covered with iron plates propped up by freckles.

It is ornamented with a sharpened point arch -sample of typical Arabic architecture- constructed with alternate red and white stones. In the inner part of the fortress, the arched lintels (built by stones or bricks) of the cells that were used for the accommodation of the permanent guard are of similar inspiration. The castle is open all year and the entrance is free of charge.

Enclosed by the villages of Sigri, Antissa and Eressos you will find the Protected Natural Monument of the Petrified Forest. The Petrified Forest is the result of a natural phenomenon, a volcanic eruption millions of years ago, which has buried trees such as oaks, sequoias and others in the region below ash which petrified them, or in other words turned them into stone.

Today you can see beautiful stone trunks which have been preserved to such perfection that bark, annual rings and the structure of the wood can be seen. The area which has been designated as a National Park is located 8 kilometers out of Sigri village and is a wonderful place to visit. In the village of Sigri itself the museum of the Petrified Forest can be visited.

Sigri also has a large commercial dock which is used as destination for ferries from mainland Greece. Also in 2010 a new schedule is to be released for ferries leaving and coming to Sigri, including a ferry going to Thessaloni/Rhodes and one going to Lavrio/Kavala.

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The Petrified Forest of Lesvos - Protected Natural Monument
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